Host a Pete+Lucy Party

Are you interested in hosting a Pete+Lucy party? Or are you wondering what a Pete+Lucy party is?

Pete+Lucy is a well known children's clothing brand that we carry in our boutique. We first introduced P+L in December of 2020, and ever since we have fell in love with this brand. P+L products are made of a material most refer to as “milk silk”. And all the prints are limited and hard to come by as there are only 1,000 pieces made. The material itself is long lasting, just ask our loyal customers! They will tell you how much they love this brand.

Now that we have covered the brand, let's move on to hosting a party. Parties are so much fun, and parties where the host earns rewards and free product is even better. But what makes hosting a Pete+Lucy party the best, is that it is completely ONLINE! So everyone gets to shop from the luxury of their own home and/or bed!
We will create an online event just for your party that will run from Friday morning through Monday afternoon. For the entire weekend, we will post in your special party page with deals, products, and discounts. You literally do not have to post one thing (although, we do encourage you to be active on all the posts and on the page for the entire weekend). Your activeness will also play a big factor in your rewards that you will receive as well.

How to earn rewards:

Your next question may be, what are these rewards and free gifts we speak of? Well, below is a list of all the rewards that are offerred and how you can earn them:

If you believe you want to host a party, join our VIP Facebook group and look for the post EVERY TUESDAY taking up host members. You may also fill out the form below to get your name on our host list.

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